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About TransSober
About TransSober

About TransSober

My name is Vernon, and I set up TransSober in 2022. After being drug and alcohol free for four and a half years, I was inspired to create the service I wish I’d had when I was beginning this journey. I had become tired of having to hide different aspects of my life, such as being both gay and trans, and having a learning disability …this was taking a toll on my life, health, and finances.

I tried a variety of groups; although these were helpful to start with none of them felt quite right, and people just didn’t understand the challenges surrounding drug and alcohol use that is unique to the trans non-binary experience. I would have really benefitted from speaking to people who understood the difficulties of being a Trans person. I also needed something to do with my time that didn’t involve drugs and alcohol.

I realised I only had my story, so I sought a committee of people from the community who also live drug and alcohol free, to enable diversity within TransSober. For example this has included people who may have both secure employment and housing but who still drink excessively and take recreational drugs, alongside people who have been homeless heroin users, but who are all now proud to live drug and alcohol free, and who are passionate about supporting others from our community.

I have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills working for over 25 years within charities and local authorities, running services and facilitating groups, delivering one to one support work with people and families. I have also volunteered on Trans Pride Brighton and Hove committee for five years doing a range of roles including volunteer coordinator for 3 years.

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Please help support TransSober community peer support for Trans and Non Binary people around drugs and alcohol. We are a non-profit organisation and rely on subsidies and donations to continue supporting our community.

Thank you for your generosity!

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